Rome Continued…

It has been months since I updated our blog and I’m dreadfully behind.  I hope that you’ll forgive me for trying to catch up because I know that I need to try and finish our trip to Italy before I start blogging about India!

We are currently in India and have been here for the entire month of November.  We have found an apartment and have settled in enough that we can get back to regular daily activities.  The girls are busy doing school work, Eric is working, and I am busy being a mom and wife, but more about that later.

Now, to start getting caught up, I must go all the way back to March.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Today we headed out to go to Pompei, but changed our minds when we discovered that it would cost $500 USD for the train tickets.  We were already a little bit concerned about the idea of having to fend of overanxious guides and salesmen the entire day, so the price of train tickets sealed the deal for us.  We left the train station and took the Metro back towards the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.  We had a great time and Bella had a ball taking photos!  This is her first foray into photography and I think that she did a fantastic job capturing our day!

Colosseum - 01


Colosseum - 02

Colosseum - 03

Colosseum - 390

 I love the guys face next to the girls.  He wasn’t too excited about being part of our photo,

but I gave him several chances to move and he did not.  Ha ha!

Colosseum - 05


The Colosseum is breathtakingly enormous.  You really need to be there in person to get a feel for it.

Photos just do not do it justice.

Colosseum - 06

Colosseum - 07

Colosseum - 08

A centurion with his cell phone.

Colosseum - 09

The Arch of Constantine, being refurbished.

Colosseum - 10

We learned that the Colosseum was built by 20,000 Jewish slaves.

Colosseum - 11

Colosseum - 12

Colosseum - 13

Colosseum - 14

Colosseum - 15

Colosseum - 16

Colosseum - 17

Colosseum - 18

Colosseum - 19

Colosseum - 20

Colosseum - 21

Colosseum - 22

Colosseum - 23

Colosseum - 24

We overheard a tour guide telling their group that the purple stone in these columns is worth more than

gold pound for pound.  The only reason they survived the sack of Rome was that they were buried.

Colosseum - 25

Colosseum - 26

Colosseum - 27

Colosseum - 28

Colosseum - 29

Colosseum - 31

Colosseum - 32

Colosseum - 33

Colosseum - 34

Colosseum - 35

Colosseum - 36

Colosseum - 37

Colosseum - 38

Arch of Titus (above)  Inside the arch is a depiction of slaves and a menorah.

To this day, the Talmud forbids Jews from walking underneath this arch.

Colosseum - 39

After leaving the forum, we circled back around the Colosseum and walked down to Circus Maximus.  This photo (above) is Palatine Hill.  In a dungeon beneath this structure is where Peter was kept while imprisoned in Rome. 

The next set of photos (below) is the view from Circus Maximus.

Colosseum - 40

Colosseum - 41

After Circus Maximus, we caught a double decker bus and rested our weary feet while we drove around Rome.

Bella took photos while I just enjoyed the scenery.

There is so much to see , we’ll need to come back for another trip.

Colosseum - 42

Colosseum - 43

Colosseum - 44

Colosseum - 45

Colosseum - 46

Colosseum - 47

Colosseum - 48

The Mausoleum of Hadrian