My Mandarin Primary Songs

Bella-49This past year has been a busy one for Bella.  In addition to attending BYU as a concurrent student, taking online classes, playing with Lyceum, and keeping up with our travel schedule, she took on a Senior Project that made her Mama smile.  For the longest time, I have wished that The Children’s Songbook (© LDS church) was in simplified characters and/or pinyin.   It is currently only published in traditional Chinese, which is the written language of Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong.  Bella wanted the songs to be in simplified characters for her sisters, who are adopted from Mainland China, and in pinyin, the official phonetic system for transcribing the Mandarin pronunciations of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet, so that her non-speaking family members could learn the Primary songs in Chinese.  Her desire soon extended beyond her family when she learned that many adoptive families had this same wish.

On the last day of May, she finished her translation/transcription and started publishing it for others to use on a website she created for this purpose.  She is preparing her work for submission to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but wanted the songs available to our group of adoption and Chinese learning friends earlier than that.

You can now find the Primary Songs in simplified and pinyin here:

My Mandarin Primary Songs

Learning will be simpler if you purchase the Mandarin Chinese Children’s Songbook CD that can be found here: 兒童歌本:「配樂」及「歌唱與配樂」──CD組.  *Note, not every Primary Song is on this album.  

There are some changes in vocabulary from Taiwanese Mandarin to Mainland Mandarin, for example: zǐzǐ to jiějiě, so you will hear a difference when you are singing along with the CD.  Bella will also be uploading videos to her blog to help new learners with vocabulary.  Watch for them.

In addition to her new blogging adventures, she has decided that she wants to help members of our church (and others) in their endeavors to learn the Chinese language.

“We need much more language training,” he said. “We need more people fluent in Mandarin.” –President Spencer W. Kimball

To promote Chinese language education, she has started a new page on Facebook called “LDS Learn Chinese With Us.”  If you are interested in learning Chinese or in having your children learn the language, please join her on Facebook.  She will be sharing links to all the tools that she has found helpful over the years and will be creating content of her own soon.

You can find the page here:

LDS Learn Chinese With US

We are so very proud of all the wonderful things our oldest daughter is doing! We have long hoped that her younger sisters would follow in her footsteps… and they are, so watch for another blog post about their adventures! Something is coming up soon!