Hong Kong!

Many months before we decided to leave China we purchased tickets for Hong Kong.  We desperately wanted to attend the temple and found out that we could stay at the Temple Patron House for $10/night/person.  That is a fantastic price for Hong Kong!  We found a “screaming” deal on airline tickets ($208USD RT) and planned on spending the week doing temple work and seeing the sights.  After we made plans to return home we decided we’d make the trip a “last hurrah” and also booked a couple of nights at the Disney Resort.

It was one of the best decisions ever.
We arrived in Hong Kong on Tuesday, January 8th and took the subway from the airport to the Patron House.  One of the first things the kids commented on was the cleanliness of the subway.   It even smelled good!  The walk from the subway to the Patron House is short and we managed to find our way quickly.  As soon as we arrived we saw someone who was familiar through the chapel doors!  It was our internet friend Jill Andersen.  She knew we were arriving that day and decided after her shift at the temple to wait for us and make sure we got settled.  It was very kind of her to think of us!
Once we were settled in we decided to get some dinner at a near by mall.  We found pizza, REAL diet coke and ice in our drinks!  It was heavenly!

We made many wonderful friends while staying at the Patron House.  Many of them were from Mainland China and it was so good for my girls to see that there are members from their homeland.  We were so impressed with the people who save and save to come tot he temple!



After Eric, Anne, Bella and Chloe did their temple work for the day, we would go sight seeing in Hong Kong.  One of our first adventures was Victoria Peak!








And walking the city streets in the evening!



And taking the ferry tour to see the light show!




January 12, 2013:  We love Disneyland Hong Kong.  It is smaller than Los Angeles, but we enjoyed it so much more!  Bella would love to come back and play Cinderella or Belle with her beautiful language skills!  Maybe when Shanghai opens?

On Sunday we tried to make church, but we missed the meeting.  Thankfully, we were able to meet up with our friends, the Andersens, and have lunch with them at their beautiful home in Hong Kong.  It was really fun for us too, because we met up with several of our friends from Mongolia, who we hadn’t seen for over a year!  What a small world the church creates!

After lunch we walked to the beach so that the folks from Mongolia could see the ocean for the first time (for many!)  It was a lovely walk and the beach was beautiful!