Counting Down to Leave

On Sunday, the 6th of January, 2012 our family left Nanjing.


We knew we were leaving for the right reasons.

We may be back… We will go back.  On vacation and if someone offers us a job there.

No doubt!

We decided several weeks before we left that we would continue on our trip to Hong Kong, a last hurrah of sorts!

We couldn’t have made a wiser decision!  More on that soon!

On our way to Hong Kong we spent a day and two nights in Shanghai.

We stayed in our favorite hotel!  The Astor House.  If you ever go to Shanghai, stay there!  It is old, quaint, clean and has an pretty amazing history!  It is also super close to the Bund… a short walk over a bridge and you are there!

We had Xiao Long Bao (famous street food) for breakfast.  The place we found is just a short walk from the Astor House!  (Another benefit!)

We spent the day walking the Bund and the big girls got mani/pedis while Eric and Meg went touring on their own.

We had hot chocolate at the Starbucks, ate dinner at City Bull Steakhouse on Nanjing West… and then we window shopped.  (We didn’t buy, but we did find something we would return for later!)

It was our second to last night in China, but we hit the sack early for our flight the next day.


We found the perfect Xiao Long Bao stand.

They made them from start to finish right there in front of you!

These little gems are filled with pork and have a slightly sweet almond flavored skin.

First they are steamed.


And then they add some oil, salt and Chinese chives.

And fry them in the same pan for a crunchy YUMMY snack that is filled with pork and a little bit of soup!

Is your mouth watering?  Mine is!

See, they were THAT good!

Eleanor is laughing because the manicurist just asked for her other hand.

Chloe can hardly stand to have her feet touched,

and so we were all extremely entertained while she had her pedicure!

Meg hangin’ with Dad.  (iTouch photo)

Hong Kong is next!