Last Minute Photography!

Happy New Year!  2013!

2012 was a wonderful year for our family!  We can hardly believe ourselves that we spent a year in China learning the language, the culture and getting to know the people!  We will never forget this amazing adventure!

Now, as we are winding down our time here, we are looking at Nanjing again with fresh eyes!  We are walking down every street saying, “Oh, I was going to take a photo of that!”  And so, we have started lugging our big camera with us everywhere we go, hoping to capture some of the scenes we want to remember and share before we leave this beautiful city!

Why not dry your socks and your meat at the same time!


The truck where we buy most of our fruit.


Laundry hanging out to dry on our sidewalk.


Another trip on the Metro!


We’ll be able to say, “We lived in Nanjing BEFORE there was a Gap!”


We continued our celebration of Noor’s birthday at her favorite place:  The Blue Frog!

If you look closely you’ll see the Lamborghini dealership behind the girls.

Noor doesn’t believe us that a car can cost as much as a modest house!


Noor is turning 10 and a fist is 10 in the “one handed counting system” here in China.


I loved her first expression when she realized what she had received for her birthday!


After lunch we headed of to Fu Zi Miao to get a few last minute things.  When we got home I realized that all of my photos were of food!  I am fascinated by the colors, textures and light on food… so you’ll have to bear with me.



When Bella was “dared” to eat some of these by the vendor, she told him,

“I’ve eaten camel and horse meat, but I’m not going to eat those things!”


This is probably the best looking “stinky tofu” I’ve seen.

I’m still not going to try it.

It smells like rotten socks!


^Duck blood tofu!


These are just plain old noodles, but the presentation was beautiful!


These are sweets of some sort.


I have no idea what these are, but the colors were interesting!

More later…