Dangerous Jobs, Sankset Oranges & Little Emperors

Today we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Old Friends.

The Chinese name on the restaurant is 老地方, or Old Place.

We don’t know why the translation is different.

We ordered all of our favorite dishes and were surprised that we finished all the food!

It was delicious!

After that we went looking for Pearl Buck’s house, but had no luck.

So we got a photo we’ve been planning for a long time!

Here the girls are standing in front of the most iconic building at Nanjing University.

I used the wide angle so that I could get Zi Feng tower in the back ground!

It turned out pretty cool!

I think this will be the cover of my “Nanjing Year” memory book!

On our way home we saw this disaster in the making.

A propane tank, an open flame (look at the bottom of the painting contraption),

traffic AND a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Walk fast kids, walk fast… but Mama is going to stop and take a photo!


We also saw these men selling funning looking sticks of something to eat.

We’ve noticed the big bags before, but have never seen the machine being used to make them!

Watch the short video and learn what it is all about!

We have often laughed about the fake “name brand” tags on the fruit.

I finally captured a photo!

The Chinese love their dogs!

But really, do the dogs need padded clothing too?  Apparently!

The owner laughed when I called this dog, “小皇帝” or Little Emperor!