Gaochun Special School Update!

I am amazed and overwhelmed at the generosity of my friends and many strangers!

Today I received another box containing another 117 hats, several scarves and a pile of over 100 hand made cards from children in Parker, Colorado!

Sometime last week a box of 8 wool hats was generously donated by Kathy Kratchmer.

Our Nanjing Branch has 40 hats collected from sisters and there are several more that need to be added to the total!

Every single item is special and beautifully made by loving hands!

See how amazing people are?

This is the pile of hats we have so far!

Isn’t this sweet?

The hand knitted gloves are amazing!  I’ve included a few for you to drool over!

Some of the hats and gloves are matching sets!

These were the first gloves that I pulled out of the box.  I was astounded at the beautiful detail.

There are lots of these really cool hats!  (above) They were mostly made by teens and kids!

My girls got to work putting together the little cards that go with the hats from Canada!

Even Meg got in on the deal!

These beautiful hats were made by Kathy Kratchmer!  They are made from wool yarn and feel so warm!

Paper dolls with clothing and all sorts of accessories.

We are expecting several more boxes of hats from travelers in the next couple of weeks!  Again, I have to say that I am overwhelmed and amazed at the response that we have received!  Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this project!  Photos of hats being handed out will be posted as soon as I have them, and probably over the course of the next several weeks!  Stay tuned!