Why Don’t You Celebrate Halloween?

(I am posting this because I am in a new Branch and the questions came fast a furious on Sunday as my kids were turning down packages of candy wrapped like carved pumpkins.)

Rather than rehash my reasons here (again) I thought I’d link up to some of the very thoughtful posts that my online friends (amazingly talented people) are making!   Don’t be offended, just read… and contemplate!

Lioness At The Gates:  (You will need to register to see some of the photos!)

Of Mischief, Gluttony and Idolatry
What Do You Know About October 31st?
Guarding Against A “Zombie Apocalypse”
More Reasons To Just Skip Halloween “Fun”

Happy Crazy Life:

Reformation Day Part 1: Escaping Halloween

What do you do instead?

Learning About the Reformation <–This is what we are doing this year!
Reformation Day Part 2: Can We Really Do This?
Reformation Day Part 3: How We Celebrate Reformation Day
Reformation Day Part 4: Tips and FAQs

P.S.  If anyone in Nanjing would like to borrow our copy of Fires of Faith, please ask!  I will be more than happy to share!