Food In Nanjing, August 2012

Today we discovered several culinary delights.

The watermelons are still in town, but the piles are smaller.

Now we are seeing HUGE trucks full of apple pears.

We purchased 12 for Y9, or approximately $1.41 from this street vendor.

They were delicious and have been our breakfast fare for two days.

These are new to me.

They are called jujubes.

They tasted like a very dry apple.

They were good, but I had already spent too much money on “experimental” fruits today!


These were also new to me today.

I have seen them around, but I have never tried one.

They are called purple Mangosteen.

They are now my favorite fruit ON THE PLANET!

Apparently their season is very short, so I guess I’ll have to find some every day!

Before catching the subway home, we came across a man making bread in a tandoori oven.

Of course, we HAD to buy some!

It wasn’t like a pita, because it didn’t open up for sandwiches (too bad!)

It was slightly sweet and was covered on one side with sesame seeds.

I wonder if he’ll cook up a batch (or two) of my pita dough in his fantastic oven?

I’d pay him for it!

This is his sweet wife.

We asked them if they were Muslim.

They were.

Eric explained to him that I had lived in Saudi Arabia.

He said, “I don’t speak Arabic!”

Neither do I.

It was a fun connection and he let me video tape him cooking the bread.

P.S.  I called it “Arab Bread” because that is what we called it in Saudi when I was a kid.