Cool Weather Adventures

Yesterday the weather was amazingly cool for August!  When we checked the temp, it was only 72° F out, and so we decided to take the day off and spend it outside!  We were so glad that we did!

We went exploring in a part of town we haven’t spent much time in, and we were really happy with what we found!


I love the alley ways of China!  This is where the people live, congregate, shop, hang laundry, etc.

We will often see desks for students and tables for game playing set up in the early evenings when it is cool out!

This is what a car wash in China looks like!

Parallel parking!

The brooms are still made the old fashioned way here.

Even the city workers use tree branches.

This is a portion of the city wall.

Someone (a caretaker most likely) lives in some rooms on the other side.

We “happened” onto this park.

It is called Wu Long Tan Park and is dedicated to the many poets that hail from Nanjing.

Eric tried to get this pomegranate for me.

Unfortunately, it was too high up in the tree.

That is probably why it was still there!

Poets in training!

Eric came and told me about this great door.

He said, “too bad there is a mop and an ugly bike in the way.”

No problem hun, I’ll just use this handy bush to hide them!

Do you see ZiFeng tower in the back ground?

It is the 2nd tallest building in China and the 8th tallest in the world.

She just looked so sleek holding her water bottle that way!

Who are these pretty girls?

After leaving Wulongtan garden, we walked towards the TV tower and the river hoping to find QingLiang Mountain Park.  We found it quiet easily.

Many retired men bring their birds to the park during the day.

We counted over 50 cages.

The birds are song birds and account for nearly all of the birds we hear in the park.

Using every spare moment to read Princess Academy 2: The Palace of Stone.

I am sure that the artist did not intend for these sculptures to be filled with algae.

I love the line of the roofs here.

We came across a Buddhist temple.

We were asked to come and teach English to the monks.

We are considering it!

There were several apartments where the monks lived in this building.

The doors were open because of the beautiful cool weather,

and noticed that they had refrigerators.

We left the park at this point because we were ready to go home.

The gates at this entrance were spectacular!

Do you need a basket for your bicycle?

I loved the artsy feel of this little shop!

I don’t know why this photo is so blocky, but I don’t have time to change it.

This kind woman sold us some very cold water.

She also asked us lots of questions about our Chinese kids.

We told her that they were adopted 3-4 times

and then suddenly, a few minutes later she said,

“Oh, I know! These children are adopted!”


I don’t think that the concept of adoption is fully understood here.

It usually takes people a while to figure it out.

And some just don’t.


Tomorrow I will upload our video of the “Worker’s Comp Nightmare.”

And the day after that I will be talking about food!

Thanks for visiting!

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