The Unexpected Journey

We are here.

I can hardly believe it sometimes.

It is stressful, yes.  A lot of work… more that I ever imagined.  Hard.

But I’m not here to complain.

We love being here.  We are loving the adventure!

One of the best things about being here are the surprises!

Like finding out that one of our favorite authors made her home here for 12 years…

and that she taught at the university where Xuxu and Da are attending school…

Photo credit Puzzlemaster

…and that she penned her most recognized work, in an attic, just a few minutes away!

…and, to top it all off, it just so happens that we have arrived at the perfect time!  This year marks Pearl’s 120th birthday and in commemoration, Nanjing University has renovated her home on the Campus and turned it into a museum!

As usual, we’ll be incorporating this new discovery into our school plan!  We are here after all!  The books are too much for the little girls, but Star will be studying Pearl’s life and her writings in depth.  To start things off, we have a meeting next week with a scholar who has studied Pearl and her writings and plan on visiting the museum home with her.  It should be fascinating and we are very excited!

Star will be blogging about her adventures and discoveries on a new blog:  Finding Pearls in China!  Tune in if you are interested!


3 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    Love that you found this- you are bound to find more. Tell Star that is a great blog name for a fabulous adventure!

  2. Ye ye & Nai nai says:

    Isn’t it remarkable the “surprising” things that keep coming up? We are looking forward as usual to your blogs and Star’s blogs. Aloha

  3. Maile says:

    We went to Pearl Buck’s house when I was studying abroad in Nanjing, but I didn’t not appreciate that experience enough! I had read The Good Earth in China, but I didn’t really love it until I reread it about a year ago. I know I would love seeing this museum so much more now.