Duānwǔ Jié

The Not So Important stuff: On Thursday I took Mouse back to the Dentist in Shanghai. I thought we were going to get a spacer, but it turned out that all they did was check on her infection and clean her teeth. ;o/ They told me over and over that we need to get orthodontic work done on her mouth, but we just don’t have the money. This girl has the sweetest tiny mouth, but the teeth that are coming in are very large! In the end, I agreed to get two minor fillings repaired because they were on adult teeth and the dentist was a angel and only charged me for a sealant! We have to go back on the 13th of July for the second surface filling and the dentist told me that she would only charge me for a sealant on that one too. The cost for this trip was Y800 to the dentist and Y420 in train tickets… and missing the Dragon Boat Races.

The Important Stuff: Mouse is getting braver in her interactions in Chinese. On this trip she translated three conversations for me, told me that the “TSA” person at the subway said, “it didn’t matter” if I put my bag on the x-ray or not, and told our taxi driver that we were going to the Shanghai train station! (Important distinction because there are two in Shanghai!)   This is a big deal for a very shy little girl. I wonder if Chinese is going to be the key to unlocking her ability to talk to strangers?!

While we were gone, Da took the girls to the Dragon Boat Festival, or Duānwǔ Jié (端午节). It was HOT. Did I say it was HOT? Well it was. They had fun, but we had two kids down with heat exhaustion when they got home. No fun! We are definitely going back to this park when things cool down! It was beautiful! Xuxu was the official photographer for the day, and I believe she did a great job!







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