Yu Hua Tai Memorial Park

Yesterday we decided to take a walk near our home.  On our many trips to I*KEA we had noticed a statue at the entrance of a park just a couple of blocks from home and we decided to go explore that area.   We knew that the name of the park was Yu Hua Tai Memorial Park, but we had no idea how big it was!  We only explored a fraction of the site and we are grateful to know that it is there because it will provide a great place to “get away” come the summer heat.

On our way we met these sweet children playing with the ducks for sale.

And crawfish for sale too.


The bicycle repair guy.


We often see the tourist groups wearing matching hats!


This is the Statue of the Martyrs Execution.

These were the execution grounds of the Kuomintang Army

and the statue represents the Communists who gave their lives here.


I took this photo to show the shade provided by the many trees.

This will be an oasis for us in the summer months ahead!

We found these two cats asleep on the counter in a souvenir shop.

I’m not a fan of cats, but I thought it was funny to see them sleeping here.



More amazing trees!



Long Live Revolutionary Martyrs , written by Mao Zedong himself.

It was translated into several languages, some of which we couldn’t figure out!


I’m posting this photo because I believe that the Chinese have the best torture system round, it is called “side walks.”

The sidewalks here are made from tile so they are slippery when it rains.

In addition they add a tile down the middle of EVERY SINGLE sidewalk that is a series of elevated lines.

These lines are meant to “guide the blind.”


Would a blind person be able to navigate the streets of China alone?

Not a chance!

Anyhow, the tiles kill my feet and I try to avoid them as best I can!

Then, I head to tourist sites and they all have this:




I love how the do applesauce here!

Cute babies all over China being fed apples by patient Nainais!


This clock was actually working!


There is a reason this place is called Rain Flower Terrace!

The smell is AMAZING!

I’m sad that we didn’t discover this park when the Lilacs were in bloom.


I found a couple of girls!


You’d think that we were in Hawaii!


These purple flowers are everywhere in our complex and they smell like honeysuckle.


We thought that these were strawberries, but they are not.

The gardens here are amazing!

The Chinese love to mix color and texture and it makes for amazing views!


More funny Chinglish.




Eleanor found a little friend.


Look closely at this photo.  You’ll see that a shutter speed of 4000 can catch amazing things!


It was 80 degrees out and everyone was carrying umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun.

And, these two were not the only ones we saw wearing jackets!


More color and texture.


And of course, the cute kids everywhere!