Sun Completely Food 日全食 –UPDATED!

This morning we got up early to watch the solar eclipse with the kids.  Eric made a special box for us so that we could watch without damaging our eyes and boy did it draw attention!

Update:  Bella learned at school today that “solar eclipse” in Chinese is 日全食 or Rì quánshí.  Transliterated it is, “Sun completely food.”  So basically, it is the sun being completely eaten.   How cool is that?

The first thing we noticed on our way out was that we could see the eclipse in the shadows of the trees.

Eric made this fantastic device out of the box our piano came in.  I knew it would come in handy!

It only took about 30 seconds to gather a crowd.

Bella did a fantastic job explaining what was happening.

Can you see the tiny crescent on the inside white portion of the box?

Here it is again!

By this point the conversation was quickly disintegrating back to its usual form.

Said to us, “your children look Chinese.”

Said to each other, “the older child looks like her parents,

but the younger ones are growing up to look Chinese.”

Said to us, “why are you taking care of Chinese children?”

(We use the Chinese word for adoption, but they just don’t seem to grasp the concept!)

And the shadows from the same spot as before.  They have changed.

And this little guy is the son of our friends.  I think he eclipses everything!  ;o)

His 100 day celebration was on Saturday!


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  1. We are in direct line to view the full “ring of fire” in just about 34 minutes! Can’t wait. We have welding lenses to actually look at the sun.

  2. 安妮 says:

    That is really wonderful Montse! I look forward to seeing your photos!

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