GaoChun Special School

Update:  We are collecting knitted hats for these beautiful kids for Christmas!  We need 100 hats by December 15th!  If you are interested in helping with this project by making hats or by sending us yarn, please email me at islandschoolhouse @ (remove spaces) and I will send you my address!  We are also collecting craft supplies, stickers, gloves, socks and long johns!  Hats are priority, but if you have any of the other items in new condition, please include them in your package!  Thank you!

2nd Update:  We’ve recently learned that there is an orphanage in conjunction with Gaochun Special School.  There is an astounding number of children housed there (390!) and all special needs!  They range from toddlers to adults with special needs.  Because we have had so many angels offer their help with the hats, we’ve decided to expand the project to include the orphanage kids too!   Our goal is now 490 hats! I know we can do it!  Please feel free to email me (address above) with any questions or for the shipping address.  We will be making the Christmas delivery on December 15th, so all packages from the US should be mailed by November 24th at the very latest!  Thank you so much!

Mouse is helping the NJU students prepare for their class on the two hour bus ride.

This is the kindergarten class.  The young boy standing in the back captured my heart today!

At the beginning he was shy, but by the end he would give me hugs and HUGE smiles!

Another happy face!

These children were incredible and supported each other!

There were probably 20-25 children with down syndrome at this school.

I was able to teach some of the college students about how wonderful these children are!

Most of them didn’t know what down syndrome was!

This boy has cerebral palsy.

He would really try all day to keep up with the activities (as you’ll see later) and always had a smile on his face!


Pinwheels where one of the most popular crafts of the day!

They made the children laugh and laugh!

The NJU students were so sweet with the kids!

This little girl also captured my heart!

Star was a wonderful help throughout the day.

She has a teacher’s heart!

This little boy LOVED the crafts!

He could probably paint, draw, cut and paste all day long!

Glue was the funnest item of the day!

We left our supply at the school because it appeared that they didn’t have it often.

The “peace sign” is truly universal.

This was not one of the projects on our schedule today, but this little boy showed us his creativity!

It took a while to get a smile out of this little guy, but I finally did!

And a kiss from this girl!  ;o)

The NJU students were well prepared and very patient.

The class of deaf students had the most incredibly artistic talent of the day!

So proud of her creations!

I love my volunteer teacher!

Part of the day included a fun run in honor of “Smiley”, Becky’s husband.

Y2 was donated to the school for every lap run by the students.

Y400 was raised.

My favorite little man running away from me and laughing!

This child did not like the noise produced by the entire school on the track.

Gathering to collect stamps for their run.

A pretty smile holding a rainbow ball.

This class was heading back for lunch.

This young man has CP and was doing his best to run with a kite!

I was so proud of him!

And he was SO HAPPY!


I loved this little boys heart!  Here he is comforting a friend who has fallen from the play structure.

I would love to raise the funds to donate another swing to this school.

Two is just not enough for a school full of special needs kids.

More kite fun!

This family member had arrived to pick up a child for the weekend.

I loved watching their sweet interaction.

This little boy had just asked me to help him find a bandaid for his bleeding arm,

and more importantly for string for his kite!

He is happy now that he is all fixed up and ready to go!

Some NJU students playing foot hockey with the rainbow balls.

I wish I had a better photo because the little girl to the left was playing along too,

and doing a fantastic job!


A student showing me her collage craft.

Students waiting for the presentation to begin.

I love you too!

This is one of my favorite photos of the day!

This is Richard, a professor at NJU, showing a student the photo he’d taken with his phone.

Can you see how happy this boy is?


(The girl in the middle knew quiet a bit of English and kept asking me to teach her new words!)

Becky showing the students how many laps they ran!

The schools interpreter during the presentation.

This is the class of deaf students showing us their Thi Chi.

And we ended the day with the “hokey pokey!

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  1. Heidi says:

    I LOVE your photos. These kids are truly precious spirits and you can see it in their faces. Thanks for sharing!