Catching Up

  • Last Sunday Eric gave a talk in church about missionary work.  He did an excellent job.  As soon as he was finished I headed home again to see if I could scrounge up more food for the branch pot luck.  We normally have fewer than 30 people, and according to Bella, there were 73 people present.  I believe that there may have been more because several groups came in after the clerk counted.  Why is it that our numbers always go crazy when ever we plan an after church potluck? Anyhow, all I had at home (that was anywhere near finished) was the pico de gallo that I had made the day before and a bag of chips.  I figured it would have to do!  When I got back to the church, Sister Y, Wendy P and I spent the rest of the combined RS/Priesthood meeting trying to create a “fishes and loaves” miracle.  We cut all the sandwiches in half and then in fourths, sliced apples, oranges and bananas, and arranged all of the other food items onto trays.  We were praying hard!  In the end, it turned out to be just enough, so we know that there was some assistance there!  I had brought three tins of Texas Sheet Cake so that we could celebrate Chloe’s birthday with the branch.  I was heart broken when someone lit the candle and had everyone sing happy birthday to her when I wasn’t in the room.  There were two others there with birthdays on the 2oth, so at least we covered everyone!  Right after church Eric, President Y and Chris M left for a district presidency meeting in Shanghai.  Eric had originally turned down the invite because he didn’t want to be away from the family for 9+ hours on a Sunday, but later changed his mind.  (Bro. Johnson told me that President Y always gets his way… we are learning! ;o)
  • Monday was Chloe’s birthday and for those of you who know how old she turned, you’ll know how special it was!  Esp. because she was able to celebrate it with a super beginning…  a solar eclipse!   Because we are currently living off of savings, her presents were simple, but we sure had fun picking them out!  We also took her out to dinner at the Taj Mahal. She was very happy!
  • On Tuesday I ran to Shanghai again.  When we moved here we had no idea how easy this was going to be!  We live 8 stops from the Nanjing Railway Station via the subway and a one-way ticket to Shanghai costs around $23 USD.   The actual trip is 1 hour 38 minutes in a comfy and clean (and AIR CONDITIONED) fast train!   Once I was in Shanghai I went directly to the U.S. Consulate to get new visa pages added to Eric’s passport.  He has traveled so much, there is no place to put the visa he’ll need in August!  The Consulate was fast and efficient, so much so that it was a shock to my system (after living in China for 5 months) and I didn’t hear my number called the first time.  Ah well, it got done and I was in and out before my actual appointment time!   I then took various forms of transportation and found my friends new house way out in the boondocks!  Another friend in the U.S. had sent a few items with a traveling neighbor and they had left them in Shanghai for me to pick up.  It was really convenient and now I have two new pairs of sorely needed shoes and some actual (physical) scriptures!  I sure did miss taking notes and writing in my scriptures.  Kindle will never substitute well.
  • On Friday Eric gave his presentation at school.  (The same requirement that Bella fulfilled last week.)  He spoke about the mining industry and surprised himself and most of the students by making it interesting for everyone!  Ha ha!
  • We saw “The Avengers” Saturday.  It was a YW activity that ended up as an “open invite” to the entire branch.  The only other people who showed up were the Meiks family, so it wasn’t a big crowd.  The movie was good, and the line that everyone was throwing a fit about wasn’t what it sounded like out of context.  I’m very glad that someone clarified it for me.  There were some other great “one liners” that we really liked, and a few of them were not translated into Chinese subtitles.  They were comments about God and soldiers being heros… gee, imagine that! Life with my kids: At the beginning of the movie, when a there was a couple kissing, I overheard Meg ask Bella, “are they married?”  Bella replied, “let’s pretend they are!”  Too cute!
  • We also started tutoring our first group of students on Saturday.  They are three ADORABLE 4-year-old girls and they are very sweet!  They came to this first class with all three mothers, one of the fathers and a grandmother.  It was a little bit intimidating, but I guess they liked us because they hired us to teach them TWO times a week starting on Monday.  (I say “we” because Chloe and I will be doing this class together.)  While the parents were discussing how many days of teaching they wanted for their girls, one of the Moms said that she wanted to do lessons on Sunday.  At this point the father piped up and said, “No, these people are Christians and they won’t teach lessons on Sunday.”  (Translated by Bella who was listening closely!)  Glad to know that without us saying a word they were able to pick up on that!  ;o)

P.S.  Remind me to post about lions and tigers and bears… oh my!  I’m going to bed and I have to include photos and video to do that one justice!

3 Responses

  1. Teresa says:

    Interesting about “the line that everyone was throwing a fit about ” – my kids (both adopted) cracked up! THey took it for how the writers meant it.

    Happy “SPECIAL” birthday to Chloe!! Hard to believe our girls have reached that time in their lives – they were just babies when we met. Time sure has flown!!

    Maybe we’ll be able to visit when we’re in China later this year. I’ll keep you posted.

    • 安妮 says:


      We would love to have you visit! We are creating a list of “places to take visitors,” so we are prepared! ;o)

  2. Angela says:

    I hope you meet me in Shanghai! You are so close! It is on my travel plan!