Hongshan Zoo

Bella being asked to pose for photos, as usual!


Who ever heard of fishing at the zoo?


This is what they are catching!

You can buy a fishbowl or take them home in a plastic bag!


It appears that many families make a day of it and bring a tent for shade!


You can also take home a pet turtle.


The Chinglish signs are getting better and better…


Always smiling!


This is one thing I LOVE about China!

We get to feed and interact with the animals!


We believe that these are siblings, and that Mama was busy eating.

Mama was hungry!  She ate and ate and ate!


The first 2 story carousel I have ever seen!


Bumper cars?



Bella wants this t-shirt!



My girls still love a carousel ride!


This was a first!


Meg did not like it!


Eleanor had a BALL!  ;o)


They leave the tusks on here!


I think I’ll pass on the “herptiles.”  (We went anyway!)


I have never seen so many Magnolias!  They are everywhere and the air is scented with them!


A mix of old and new is everywhere!  This statue is just feet from the roller coaster!


This bothered me.


And so did this!


And finally, THE guy we came to see.  Hiding from his adoring fans.


Over all, we had a beautiful day!

The girls enjoyed themselves immensely!

I do not think we will spend the money to visit again,

but only because there are so many other things we want to see in Nanjing!

Tomorrow we get back to our regular schedule.

Eric and Bella head back to class.

Effie Lǎoshī (our Chinese tutor) is coming at 9 a.m.


Anne is teaching again at Xianlin Campus in the afternoon!

Have a great week everyone!



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  1. What a fun zoo! Thanks for sharing the pictures.