Quick Update

  • We attended church today in our new branch. We immediately doubled the primary and created a young women’s on our own accord. The Branch Pres. said that they prayed us here. We thought that was an interesting comment and we heard it again from another member before the day was out.  Our records have already been transferred and it appears that it will not be long before we have callings!  There are three “permanent” families here in Nanjing, and because we are staying for two years, we’ve increased that number to four.  This branch grows and shrinks each semester because of the BYU Flagship program here at NU, so most members are transient.
  • We have not found an apartment yet.  We had one lined up that we loved but after talking to a few people about the dangers of new paint and plaster in China, we decided against it.  I’m still mourning it because it really was a beautiful apartment, it had a yard and was a 5 minute walk to school!  If it had been remodeled a year ago, it would have been perfect!
  • We had dinner with some new friends today.  Bonnie is a single lady who teaches at NU.  We already love her so much and look forward to getting to know her better.   Mitch and Kathy are long lost cousins, through Thomas I. in Hurricane and their son Chris, his wife Sarah and their three children Charlie, David and Marley.  (Our Marley will love to know that this Marley also has red hair! ;o)   Mitch and Kathy tutor English in their home and Chris and Sarah both teach English at a local kindergarten.
  • Bonnie and Kathy helped us meet up with another realtor to look at apartments in their complex.  The three bedroom would fit us well, but we are going to look at a few more tomorrow.
  • I learned that I can tutor English in my home for Y150/hr. (approximately $23/hour)  I don’t know that I’ll need to do that just yet, but it is good to know that I could make the rent payment by working about 20 hrs. a month in my own home.
  • Our long lost bag has finally caught up with us!  Thank heavens because it had my brand new ktec blender in it, along with my new grammar program and several books for a friend in Shanghai.

That’s it!  See, quick!


3 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    Like always you find good wherever you go. By the end of two years, you should be fluent. I look forward to living your adventure through osmosis.

  2. Shelli says:

    So happy to hear you are there and safe and sound!

  3. Melissa McKrola says:

    Yay for the found bag! What a relief.
    What’s the story about *new* paint and plaster there? Have standards been relaxed instead of tightened more recently?
    Hope you get your housing situation figured out pronto!