Our Apartment

^^The master.

It is difficult to see in this photo, but the window is actually a large open porch.

I plan on putting my laundry here to dry so that I don’t have to worry about the kids getting too close to that window!

^^This is the girls room.

The enclosed porch will be used for some of our storage.

It allows a lot of light into the room, and they love that!

We have installed two bunk beds and are currently working on putting together their new wardrobe.

^^The future office.

It is currently emptied of all the luggage and has two desks set up and the couch that you’ll see below.

^^The one and only bathroom.

I hate the door into the shower room because you can’t really close it for privacy without straddling the toilet.

I am planning on removing it and hanging a white shower curtain in its place.

The fan exhausts into the girls room… interesting and poor girls if someone is sick!


^^The family room.

The girls are still sleeping in here while their mattresses air out.  (They smell like latex foam!)

The teel colored couch is now in the office and has been replaced by a couch and three chairs from I*kea.

I don’t want to invest in replacing the curtains, but I may cover them with something cute.

^^The green kitchen with a purple fridge. ;o/

This photo was taken before we started any cleaning.

It was covered with a thick layer of oil and grime.  It is slowly taking shape!

^^The utility room.

Also filthy.

I haven’t gotten to this room yet.

The washer does a 1/2 way decent job as long as I do small loads.

^^Family room from the other side.

I like the door to the kitchen.  It means that we can close it when we are cooking in the summer.

It took Chloe two hours to clean the door to our standards.

That might give you some perspective on how long it is taking to clean everything else.

“After” photos coming soon!

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