Books Are Magical

We miss real books.  We did not bring many with us.  We miss the smell, the feel.  I miss books on shelves.  They were very comforting for me.  Thankfully we did not sell our books when we moved.  They were one of the few possessions we kept.  They are waiting for us, all stacked neatly on our bookshelves in the storage unit.

Just this week Margaret decided that books are good. Before this week she would listen, but always had to be playing with another toy. She never sat still. In the past few days, she’s stopped moving and has become riveted when we begin telling a story. Last night she “sh’d” me when I interrupted a story that Chloe was reading. I love it when my children discover the magic of listening to a story!

4 Responses

  1. Verena B says:

    I LOVE the how quickly I can get books on my Kindle, but it still does NOT beat a real book!!!!

  2. Ginger says:

    When we moved to Hawaii and got rid of 90% of our possessions, our favorite books were saved in boxes in storage. Although the kindle and the iPad are nice, it is difficult to curl up with one. You can’t search through them the same way you can search through a book for that one quote or special recipe.

    Good news about Margaret.

  3. Rebecca Goodwin says:

    I love when my kids get into books too! Its the best because there are so many adventures that await you if you take the time to read. I dislike being the contrary voice but i LOVE my nook. Its the best invention EVER! Ok ok maybe my washer is but still the Nook is AWESOME! When I can’t fall asleep at night I dont have to wake up my hubby with lights or struggle with a flashlight i can grab and read. I love it so much. We move a lot and it takes up NO space and I dont feel bad owning more and more books! I only have to move one! Also my baby loves pulling bookmarks out! SO ANNOYING! But until she learns how to unlock my nook- its safe 🙂 just have to say I love my nook. sorry 🙂