A Night of Music and Friends

Our friends Nadmid and Mayumi (and the two cutest babies on the planet) invited us over for dinner last night! They also invited Nadmid’s brother, Galaa, who plays the horse hair fiddle and sings in the Mongolian National Ensemble. It was so much fun to listen to him in our own private concert!

Here is Galaa with his band Altain Orgil:

I love that these cultures haven’t given way to western music and that they are keeping the ancient sounds alive! We hear western style music in every country we’ve visited but we have also easily come across young people who are building on old tradition! It is fantastic!

At the last minute they also invited Bella to bring her viola. Because she had already played her current (Hie to Kolob) piece for them, she pulled out the Bach piece she played back in March at the Bach Festival. She is very concerned about the mistakes she made, but I think she did a beautiful job. After her Bach piece everyone disbursed towards the dinner table and I caught her playing her Zoro’s Mark piece. (It traditionally gets faster and faster as it is played.) What fun!

Dinner was really yummy! Mayumi made Japanese curry, tempura and noodles for us. It was really delicious! All my kids cleared their plates and asked for more! Thank you Nadmid and Mayumi for having us over! We love you and we will miss you! Please come visit us in China!