O. M. H.

In Utah those initials stand for “Oh My Heck.”  My girls have recently started using it for something else!  We will be walking along and the person in front will yell out “O.M.H.” meaning, “Open Man Hole!”    I think we may have found an appropriate use for “Oh My Stinking Heck,”  “Open Man Stink Hole!”  Tee Hee.

How appropriate is it that she was carrying toilet paper when I took this photo?  ;o)

Open man holes are everywhere in Ulaanbaatar. There are several reasons why, namely construction, theft and homelessness. Yes, you heard that correctly. Homeless people live in the sewer in the winter because the sewer is lined with pipes carrying boiling water!    When it gets to -40° F, one would pretty much do anything to stay warm!

This is an old soviet system that is still the main way of heating apartments and office building here in UB.  The system is turned on September 15th and off on May 15th. There is really no way to control the heat and so our house is currently too hot and we have to open the windows to cool off! Unfortunately we can not do that once the sun goes down because of the mosquitoes and coal smoke.  ;o/ I shouldn’t complain, at least I have a roof over my head and can be warm during this coming winter!