Market Day in Ulaanbaatar

We weren’t feeling well on Saturday, so we canceled our planned excursion to Turtle Rock.  Then, we realized that we needed food, and so we really didn’t get any rest!  ;o/  We decided that we’d check out the “American Store” first and headed in that direction.  It is the opposite direction from where we’ve been going in the past, and did we ever make some discoveries!

At the American Store we found marshmallows, diet Dr. Pepper, organic peanut butter, canned yams (yay!), cinnamon, ground cloves, and…. drum roll please…. steel cut oats! (I know, I celebrate the little things!)  We also met a couple from Minneapolis with their adorable baby named Ezra.  They are Christian and said that they felt like God wanted them in Mongolia, so they came here to teach Business and English.  They have been here for two years and filled us in on a couple of things.

They told us about this market (see below)…  the prices are about 1/3 that of Mercury market, the produce about 3 days fresher and it is much cleaner! The only down side is that I didn’t see anything new!  ;o/

Downstairs we found stalls, most of which were selling the same thing over and over.   This man seemed to be one of the only ones who broke the mold and did something different.  He is selling paper products and plastic bags.

Xuxu took this photo of the adorable baby!

Here is another store that seemed to branch out a bit.  Bathroom/laundry room supplies.

And, the meat market…suffice it to say, I will remain a vegetarian at home!

There were several little stalls selling grains and pastas.

Onions and potatoes are in large quantities.

Here we found three surge protectors for 1/3 the price they were asking in the Department Store.

This is what we call “mystery bread.”  You really never know what you’ll bite into!  We’ve found anything from chocolate to mayonaise and cheese.  I’m not as adventurous as Da, and I leave the “mystery bread” to him!

Everything from eggs, to cheese, milk and yogurt are left unrefrigerated.  The coolers are for frozen meats and I wonder if it is the meat that is keeping the them cold.

Lots of sausages.

We didn’t know what this was until we took the trip to the country side.  Do you remember the little squares of fermented dried yogurt we had at XIII Century?  Well, this is the “city folk” version.  It comes in slabs and also a variety of smaller cookie-like shapes.

How about tearing up the entire side walk, and while your at it, leave two gaping holes AND leave the grate off the drain in the road where someone might be trying to get around?

And, if we need any underwear or socks, I now know where to get the best price!

I won’t bore you with any more shopping photos!

After shopping we decided to eat at Hazara’s Indian Food.  Really really delicious and I am totally in love with Dal Makhami!   I want to start making this at home so that I don’t get the milk/butter, but I doubt I’ll be able to find black lentils here. (I asked and they import them from India!)   I might just try with the green that I do have!

2 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    I love Indian food and will try making this dish with the lentils I have, French Green. However, I’ll nix the butter and cream like you. There is a mall in Renton, WA that looks very much like your new store. Ours is called Great Wall Mall, and we love it. It is about as close to exotic as I’ll probably get in my life. That is unless we go to the Dominican to teach English in my friend’s school next spring.

  2. Liz C says:

    How exciting to find more affordable food! (Beth makes a canned sweet potato pancake that’s also tremendous… I’ll send it with the applesauce pancake recipe. 🙂 ) I don’t get bored by the shopping pictures. It’s fascinating to see how things work there!