Daughters In My Kingdom

Copies of Daughters in My Kingdom are being distributed to all of the English speaking congregations of the Church, but because I do not live in an area that has an English speaking congregation, I will not receive one.  So, the other day I searched and searched for a PDF file of the book.  It was no where to be found, until today!

Daughters in My Kingdom

Click on the link (above) and then scroll to the bottom of the page.  The link to download the PDF is just under the photo of the book on the left hand side.  It is not easy to find, but it is available!

This is also fantastic news for Kindle readers!  Did you know that you can email PDF files to your Kindle?

Account->Digital Content->Your Kindle Account->Manage Your Devices->Kindle Email Address  (edit)

Happy reading!


3 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    It’s a great book! And I love the video you shared.

  2. Verena B says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure we’ll be getting one here in Shanghai since I know there are restrictions on mailing religious material here.

    You can also copy and paste it to the documents folder on your kindle when it’s plugged in to your computer.