City Center

Just a photo log today folks!

I have similar photos to this from previous trips.  I love how traveling as a family draws them closer as sisters.  

This is the National Library.  The statue is of a prominent philosopher and it replaced a statue of Stalin after the Democratic Revolution.  The statue of Stalin is now the center piece of a nightclub called the I*smuss.

Do you remember hearing about the riots here in Ulaanbaatar in 2008?  This is the former communist Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party building that was burnt during those riots.

This building is call The Blue Sky building.  It is finished but has not been occupied.  There are rumors that the foundation is not stable and no one knows if the rumors are true or if they were started by competitors.  It is slated to open again in 2013, when the rumors have quieted down.

Here are the girls again.  Not sick of each other yet.

Look closely at this photo.  The “walk/don’t walk” guys are Mongol soldiers and they have bow and arrows!  We only saw this on this one crossing.

This is where we ate lunch.  It is the Grand Khaan Irish Pub.  Yep, a Mongolia/Irish pub.  The food was, okay.  

A view of the building were Da works part of the week from our table at the GKIP.

Symphony Hall.  We are planning to go see a cultural show here soon.  Apparently we can take photos during the show, you just have to pay ahead of time, $6.  The fines for not paying ahead of time are $35 and $100 for video taping!

We watched this perilous climb several times from our table and from the ticket office.  The workers were connected to a cable, but only after their co-workers lowered them down to the ledge.  Talk about trust!

It seems that, when the sun is out, every family in UB is at Sukhbaatar Square.  We joined the loud party.  They had a band performing so loudly that we couldn’t hear each other yelling at the top of our lungs.

Pie riding a kiddie ride.  It cost us a $1.  She was so happy!

This building used to be a memorial to Dadmin Sukhbaatar where his remains were kept under glass.   It is now the Parliament Building.

This is a poor photo, but I had to include it.   “In the middle of Sükhbaatar Square, there is a statue of Damdin Sükhbaatar on horseback. The spot was chosen because that was where Sukhbaatar’s horse had urinated (a good omen) on July 8, 1921 during a gathering of the Red Army.” ~~Wikipedia

Chinggis Khan at the top of the steps of Parliament.

One of Chinggis Khan’s generals.

The orange building is the stock exchange and the green one next to it is the largest bank in Mongolia.

This is the only grass we have seen in Mongolia.  We figure that because they are nomads they don’t feel the need to plant anything.  Most court yards, even in the nicest hotels and government buildings are filled with weeds and tall grasses.  This grass was in front of the Louis Vuitton Building.  Note the boarders to keep people off the grass.

We pass this old Monastery every time we walk over to Da’s building.  I’ve never taken a photo because it is all behind walls and the view isn’t really great.  Today, we walked around the other side, and the view is the same.  ;o/  Oh well.

UB’s version of Payless.   This tent is just outside Da’s work.

This hospital is also on our way home.  I’ve seen the ambulance go by our house several times.  See photo below to see exactly what it looks like.

Except that it was army green…In China I always took photos of funny signs and it looks as if the tradition will continue.

So far we love Mongolia.  We have experience no animosity toward the girls because of their heritage.  (We thought that there might be.)  We are watched closely, probably because of the mix and because we have so many children.  We usually only see families with two children.  Everyone has been kind and helpful.  Prices may be high and the food not exactly what we are used to, but we are settling in and starting to feel at home. I hope to have many more stories to share about our adventure here!

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  1. Kim Tyler says:

    Great pictures Anne! Can’t wait to see your photos when winter comes! So glad you found a patch of grass – even if you can’t roll around on it. I think my favorite is the picture of Khan, sitting in his chair at the top of the steps. . . . and your girls are adorable. . .

  2. 安妮 says:

    What photos? I’ll be hole up in my house staying warm! ;oD