How do I explain church in Mongolia?  How do I describe how strong the spirit was?  How there was a faint smell of camp fire?  Or how fantastic is was to hear “Come Come, Ye Saints” in Mongolian.  (I was informed later that I was not the only one bawling in the audience!)

How a young woman and a young man both spoke of their deep love for the church in simple honest testimonies.  Or how wonderful it was to hear Elder and Sister Gong speak.

How do I describe the feeling in my heart after the meeting when a young lady approached the group of missionaries where we were standing and said, “I LOVE THIS CHURCH and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!”  My girls were witnesses to one of the most amazing scenes as she was introduced to the missionaries and how she testified of feeling the spirit and wanted to learn everything she could!

I can not replicate these experiences in Utah.  I would not change a single thing about our life right now. Not. a. single. thing.


3 Responses

  1. Love it! I grew up in a branch in Georgia and loved how involved everyone was in missionary work. It drew us all closer together and provided some great testimony building experiences.

  2. Adriana Cassani says:

    So much of the Chinese ward experience at BYU! I know Brother Gong’s dad. HE was my stake patriarch when I went to the Palo Alto Stake near Standford University as a teenager. Patriarch Walter Gong gave us the best singles fireside talk. He shared about his lesson from Pres. Kimball.