Bad Blogger

I have been a terrible blogger!  I need to catch up and boy, have we had some amazing times!  In the past three weeks, we have put 5000+ miles on a rental car, packed and cleaned our house for an international move, said goodbye to dear friends and flew 1/2 way around the world!  Whew!

I will catch up, so do pay attention!

Just for fun, here is the most recent photo from our camera!

Seoul Korea LDS Temple


2 Responses

  1. Kristiana says:

    Beautiful shot! I can’t wait to hear more…

  2. Melissa McKrola says:

    Yeah, sheesh–would you get it together already and log? You’ve got absolutely nothing of import going on right now! So quit twiddling your thumbs and get on it, already!
    (In all seriousness–glad you’ve made it to so many destinations safely. That is a COOL shot of the temple! So awesome!)