Top Ten FB Post I’ve Been Dying to Make!

#10.  It is nice to be wanted.  (Two business units were in a tug of war over Da, they finally agreed to share him!)

#9.  Finding silk long johns in July is not easy, even on the internet!

#8.  They want us there how fast?

#7. Six people, twelve 50 lb. bags, six carry on, two computers, one ipad, one viola, a bunny and a bear.

#6.  Adrianna Cassani is too smart for her own good! *

#5.  Think -40 degrees.

#4.  I can’t believe I just spent $550 on snow boots in July!

#3.  It is a Ger not a Yurt!

#2.  Is it “innie” or “outie”?

And Finally,

#1. You’ll just have to watch the video!!

5 Responses

  1. NO WAY!!!!! Mongolia. Wow. What a fun adventure for your whole family!

  2. Julie Hedden says:

    Mongolia was my first guess (no one in their right mind goes to Liberia). I switched it up because of something I read… Oh well. It is not Georgia, either. But know that we are praying for you!! So exciting!

  3. Russ Hedden says:

    I most suspected India. I least suspected Iraq. Mongolia…I most medium suspected Mongolia.

  4. Ohilda B. says:

    Ooooh… exciting!!!! I can’t wait to follow your journey! XXXXOOO!

  5. Adriana Cassani says:

    fun ! And why is it I am too smart for my own good? I didn’t even come close! Ok so pick me up the booby prize for losing and brogan me home a little girl from Mongolia about age 7!