Bryce Canyon

Yesterday we hiked the Navajo Trail and Queen’s Garden combination. It was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever done and we plan on doing it again soon!  Unfortunately the battery on my good camera was dead (Ugh!) and so Da’s ‘point and shoot’ had to do!

On the way…Panquitch, Utah….a trip back in time!

And a tunnel in Red Canyon…

When we arrived at Bryce Canyon, the shuttle driver asked Mouse to honk

the horn to announce that the shuttle was leaving.

She was more than happy to help out!

Our first view of Bryce Canyon from Inspiration Point.

Rather than taking the shuttle again from Inspiration Point to Sunset Point,

we walked the half mile on Rim Trail.

At Sunset Point we took the trail head to Navajo Loop Trail.

(Note the zig zag path below.)

We descended 580 feet down what they call Wall Street.

These trees are at the bottom, along with a sign warning those entering Wall Street

to be aware that this is the most dangerous portion of Bryce Canyon because of rock falls.

Nice to know we had already finished it!

And this is the last shot I got before the battery died on the camera.  ;o(

At this point the trail starts zig zagging back and forth again, climbing 580 ft. to the rim.

We will be back for more and next time I will bring my good camera.

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  1. Kristiana says:

    Fabulous photos! I don’t know that we’ll get into Bryce this summer, but we want to camp in Red Canyon after seeing some Shakespeare.