Our Normal

I apologize for not posting much to this blog any more.  We have been pretty busy with our lives in general and have a couple of new projects going.  Some I will talk about and others will need to play out before I do.   All I know right now, is that God is in control of this journey and we would be foolish to not follow along with a willing heart!

The kids have been working hard in school this month.  I finally gave up on my MOTH schedule and just made each girl a list of things they need to finish every day.  So far, the older girls seem to be thriving on doing their own planning and scheduling, so for now, it will remain this way!

Xuxu has the additional weight of fundraising for her viola (she is 1/3 of the way there) and her Spring concert schedule.  Just this weekend alone she is performing at the local University and at the Cathedral.  She might be asked to play on Sunday and Monday nights too, but we will have to see.    She is performing a solo Bach piece that is so fast it makes ME dizzy!  I can’t even imagine how she gets her fingers moving that quickly!

The photo of the bread above is compliments of Xuxu!  She is becoming famous for her baking skills!   She even shipped two loaves to New York for a friend, and we were pleasantly surprised when they arrived, still cold from being frozen before shipping, and tasting great!

Star is in love with her Astronomy class!  I told her that it is optional, but she always chooses to complete it first!  She is also still crazy about writing and so I’m letting her run with the Excellence in Writing courses.  Her assigned reading at the moment is How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler.  She needs to learn to slow down and go deeper into her books!  (Don’t we all!?)

Mouse is still working one-on-one with Mama, and her handwriting has taken a HUGE leap forward in the past few weeks!  I can not tell you how much I love ‘cursive first’ and copy work! Both ‘programs’ have given my children the ability to write beautifully and comfortably!  Mouse continues to astound us with her ability to function with only one hand.  Her latest skill is making friendship bracelets!  She will tape the end of the strings to her pants, braids her big hand and holds the unused strings with her little hand.  The photo below is a newly started braid called, “snake around the pole.”

Pie is also working one-on-one with Mama and has really discovered a love of books!  (She has great examples to watch!)  There isn’t a day that goes by that we do not find her curled up in some corner with a book…or five!  She also LOVES to be outside and is the rollerskating queen!

Our two big projects this past week have been the yearly photo albums for the kid’s orphanages and a garden.  The photo albums have been mailed off and the garden has been planted.    We planted sunflowers, bush beans, carrots, green onions, leeks, peas and spinach.  Xuxu also planted three types of flowers around the yard so our yard should at least be colorful!

So, now, you are caught up on our pretty ‘normal’ goings on!