Will Work For Viola!

A few months ago Xuxu’s viola teacher told us that she needed a better viola. He told us that she needed to spend a minimum of $3000+. Because we are such HUGE Dave Ramsey fans and because this is such a large purchase, we decided to apply the same principles to the viola that he does to cars.  So, we told Xuxu that we would match dollar for dollar everything she can earn on her own and the job hunt began.  We talked about the normal routes for teens to earn money, i.e. babysitting and house work.  Those ideas didn’t work because of Xuxu’s busy practice/lesson/rehearsal/performance schedule.  So, we decided to do something we could control.  She chose to make bread, angel food cake and cinnamon rolls.  It was a rocky start because people started ordering random amounts through out the week, and we would end up with bread we did not need or couldn’t use, so we changed her approach and started selling only on Saturday mornings.  This was the breakthrough that really started things!

So far, she has been selling for two weeks.  The first week she sold right in front of our house.  She sold everything she made and came home with over $50.00 after expenses and tithing.  The next week she stopped by the local grocery store and asked if she could sell her goods just outside the front door.  The manager agreed that it was a good cause, and gave her permission to sell once a month for a couple of hours.  He also donated water bottles for her to sell!  The first day at the grocery store she made $40 in sales and $30 in donations.  (She did not ask for donations, people, mostly seniors,  spent time talking to her about her goals, etc. and then told her to keep the change!)  She had to leave the grocery store before 10 a.m. to make it to rehearsal and later that day began selling on a busy street just a few blocks from our house.  The sales there were amazing and we are planning on making that location permanent.  By the end of the day, she deposited $100+ after expenses and tithes.    The cinnamon rolls are the biggest hit and make the most profit, so she is planning on narrowing her focus to just those.

This past week Xuxu has performed with a smaller group at the Art Gallery, a banquet (the video below) and will perform tomorrow for the school board. She loves performing in this smaller group!

While we were waiting for the banquet performance the kids were warming up. They were pretty bored and so I suggested that they pluck the entire piece! I was surprised that they actually did it, and so I was late pulling out my camera. ;o)

2 Responses

  1. Kristiana says:

    They sound fabulous!! Both pizzicato and arco!

    What a great idea to earn a viola! I have fond memories of selling bread to my neighbors so I could go to Europe when I was 14. Great times.

  2. angela hughes says:

    Good for her- I need to implement the same thing. We did it a couple of summers ago and then tossed it aside.
    And good for you parents!