Christmas and Mouse is Baptized!

Short and sweet:

Our Christmas was just amazing!  We started out our holiday with a trip to SLC.  We were able to get some shopping done, see the Christmas lights at Temple Square,  eat at our favorite restaurant and attend the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU.  (Hi Cellista….it was so fabulous to run into you and to meet your amazing family!  We need to get together!)

The next morning we were up early and caught a flight to Lihue, Hawaii!  This was our girls Christmas gift…a two week trip to visit Ye Ye and Nai Nai!  The time in Hawaii was wonderful!  We were able to spend time with the BEST Grandparents in the world,  bask in the sunshine, eat copious amounts of pineapple and get rested and renewed for the new year!

While we were in Hawaii Mouse turned eight!  In our faith, that means that she has reached the age of accountability and can be baptized!  We are so happy about her choice to become a member of our church.  She was baptized by her father at Anini Beach and confirmed a member of the church the next morning by her grandfather.  She was so happy that she just glowed the entire week!

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  1. ohilfs says:

    What amazing pictures and what a treasured trip. Not only to spend Christmas in Hawaii, but to have your sweet little girl baptized in such a magnificent place by such special men in her life! May God bless you and your beautiful family abundantly. Thank you for sharing them with us!