6 Out Of OZ

Remember this?

March 2010, Yangshuo, China

We met this family in Yangshuo, China this Spring.  Later, in Beijing, we met up again and had amazing Indian food and then swam in an amazing pool.

They have been on the road since we met and have traveled through India, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Greece, France and England to name a few!  They hit the U.S. in October, and have been to D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.  Last Monday they stopped here in Utah to visit us.   (We thought they would only stay a few days, but they surprised us and stayed until Sat.!   It was a good surprise and we were glad to have them!)

We served them their very first Thanksgiving dinner.


Sang Happy Birthday to Paul in 4 different languages….English, Spanish, Chinese and Italian.

(Check out the All American Chocolate Cake!)

The next day we took them out to experience snow!  (First time for the kids!  We also found it easier to sled on the street than in the 7ft. snow drifts!)


Hot Chocolate & tuna fish sandwiches!

Laughing at something extremely funny, apparently!  (Click on the photo and check out Pie’s expression!)



Look, I have two!

Ashlea’s “wizard lightning battle!”

And then the snow began to fly…

Warming Caitlyn up after putting snow down her back!

And Finally on our way home!


Overall, I believe that this was one of our most memorable holiday weeks! We talked for hours, laughed for days and ultimately discovered a friendship that will last for our lifetime and beyond!

Thank you Paul and Amanda for sharing your week with us!  You have an amazing family!  We love you!

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  1. Adriana says:

    That is awesome I have been following their blog