Find A Happy Place

This summer we found a happy place!  We are finally in a ward where we feel comfortable.  We are in a home that meets our needs instead of being cramped.  We are close to all the things we feel are important to us; theatre, music, nature.   We are making friends and making plans!

What have we done since we found this happy place?

  • Shakespeare Festival!

We have seen Much Ado About Nothing (2x), The Merchant of Venice, MacBeth, Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations.   Every single production was above our expectations and we came away thrilled to the core. In September we have tickets for Anne Frank.

Once again, the girls are looking forward anxiously to next year!

  • Island School House Movie Theater

Our other activity this summer turned out to be Marmee’s birthday gift!  Da purchased a projector, an outdoor screen and a “movie type” popcorn machine.  For the past three weekends we have been showing movies in our yard.  We haven’t spread the news too far and wide, but the numbers of people who are attending “movie night” are increasing by 2-3 each weekend.  It has been a really wonderful activity for the girls and their friends!  So far we have watched Anna and The King, National Treasure and One Night With The King.

Next weekend, The King of Masks is on the schedule.

As for plans…

Well, I’ll post those in a couple of weeks!

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  1. We’re looking forward to next year too!
    I’m so glad you’ve found a happy place. We are looking for somewhere new to live. I hope we find our happy place soon.

    And how fun is that to watch movies outdoors on a summer evening?!