Great Wall And Cloisonne

Today we took a trip out to see our favorite portion of the Great Wall. Mu Tian Yu is the same place we visited in 2006. It was not as clear, but at least it was nice and warm!  This time we enjoyed quite a hike and ended up taking the “slide” down the mountain. We didn’t get to go as fast as we did at Yao Mountain because some very rude Chinese folks butt in front of us. This is a common occurrence here in China so we tried to not let it bother us, but when the went …a.s. s.l.o.w.a.s.m.o.l.a.s.s.a.s…down the hill, we were a bit bugged!

At the bottom we were immediately inundated with vendors shoving their wares in our faces and I said, “Don’t even try it because I AM NOT IN THE MOOD” and they back off. I guess my tone of voice was easy enough to understand. Unfortunately, about 500 yards down the mountain another woman jumped in front of Da, shoving her wares in his face, and when he kept moving forward she started pushing him! When it became clear that he was going to continue on course, she backed off but her husband called Da a bas*&^%.  At that moment I was done with this trip. Thankfully I was renewed and regenerated by Liang Tang at The Schoolhouse! She fed us the most amazing cheese burgers we’ve EVER had, gave me a Diet Coke (God bless her!) and told us that she was going to call the park administration and talk to them about what she was hearing from her customers.  We were not the only ones.

After lunch we drove a few kilometers down the road to the cloisonne factory.  Because we have not found the jewelry boxes we promised to buy for the girls, we decided to buy them each a nice cloisonne piece that they can take with them when they marry.  It was fun learning how it was made and actually take part in the process before visiting the store.  Each girl took their time choosing “just the perfect piece” and then Da surprised me by purchasing the large flower vase I had been looking at.  In the end we had a funny moment counting up money and ending up being a tiny bit short.  Mouse, in all her sweetness, pulled out all the jiao (paper pennies) we’d been giving her over the weeks and offered to help.  She sent the entire staff, our driver and many tourists into hysterics.  In the end it was discovered that they take MC and so our debit card did the trick!

We are now home and preparing dinner (this apartment has a kitchen! ;o) and chatting with our Austrailian friends from Yangshuo about a dip in the gorgeous pool here in the hotel and dinner tomorrow night!  Tomorrow should be a light day as it is our last full day in China!  We are ready to go home!

BTW, the cheese burgers were home-made ground beef patties with onion, on a crisp baguette with lettuce, tomato, white cheese and shiitake mushrooms!  Yum!  I am definitely going to attempt to replicate them at home!

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  1. Ginger says:

    Thank you for allowing me to see a bit of China with you.