Tut Tut

Aren’t these the cutest?  They are little doll furniture, tea sets and plastic food (really key chains) that we found at the Muslim market.  Star and the littles have been having a ball with them!

Today we spent the morning assembling shelving units for the medicine cupboards here at Starfish.  With a house full of babies, there is always a need for medication, and Amanda is well stocked.  As of today, she also has a full inventory, and all medications are organized by type and expiration date!  It has been a much bigger job than I expected, but it has all come together well.  We found the shelves at Home Depot (yes, there is one here in Xi’an) and they fit so perfectly that we had to take the doors off the cabinets to fit them in!

After the shelves were together we cleaned up and headed out for some comfort food for those of us who are not feeling 100%.   We ended up with two pizza’s, herb roasted chicken, and a plate of french fries.  I can’t tell you how good it all tasted…but it was expensive, so that is probably our last trip to the Village Cafe this month!

After lunch, we decided to hit the Muslim market again and show Da around.  We had a grand time and it was not near as crowded as it was the last time were were there.  We made a few purchases this time, including some Miao minority silver jewelry for the girls, and a tiger hat (something I have wanted for years!)  Da is beginning to wonder how we are going to get it all home, and I have reassured him that most of it is going in his suitcases!  ;o)

Look close at the photo above!  Those are pigs feet! Yum!  (No, I have not tried these!)

At this point in the day, Xuxu decided she wanted to spend some time with the babies before they are put to bed and so we headed out.  It was about 4:40 p.m., i.e. RUSH HOUR!  Getting a taxi at this time of day is nearly impossible and we tried and tried.   We finally gave up and grabbed a tut tut to at least get out of down town .  Boy, were we SCARED!  I took video of some of the ride, but I quit taping about the time it got really scary!  There were moments that I was sure we were going to be squished between the buses and several cars.  After about 5 minutes of sheer terror, I banged on the window and told him to pull over.  I gave him his money and we ran away!  I will NEVER take another tut tut!!

We made it the rest of the way home safely and spent some time with the babies, had dinner and now we’re headed to bed…so happy to be safe and together!

The following is a video that I took this afternoon while looking for a taxi.  It gives you an idea of how serious the congestion problems  are during rush hour in Xi’an.

3 Responses

  1. Jeannetta says:

    The hat is wonderful, the food looks-well, interesting and tasty at the same time! T video won’t play, it says it’s private.
    Glad all is well 🙂

  2. Ginger says:

    I couldn’t get the vid to play, so I’ll just take your word for it. You have some of the most amazing adventures. I love the doll furniture and tea set.

  3. Ke, Hai Lian says:

    oh yeah I can relate to trying to find a taxi during rush hour! Where is the plastic food? The food in those dishes looked real to me!