She’s a Natural

Star loves to rock climb!  She esp. loves the climbing walls and we must do them at every location that we find one!  (In fact, she broke an age record on the tallest indoor climbing wall west of the Mississippi!)  So, when we learned the the Kartz mountains were world renown for their mountain climbing, we took a serious look at what we could do for Star here!  We found several companies, but ended up going with the one right across from our hotel.  They took Da and Star out for 1/2 a day, provided all the gear, transportation, etc. for only Y300!  Da told me that they said, “She’s a natural” over and over and over the entire day!  I think we need to set her up with climbing lessons when we get home.  I’m not sure the indoor stuff is going to “do it” for her any more though!  ;o)

The photo above is Da making his single climb.  He let Star take the rest of the time as it seems to be her passion!