River Walk

Original post written on March 20, 2010.

Today was a bit of a down day. We wanted to stay close to town and give the littles an opportunity to take a nap. So, instead of heading out for a big adventure, we decided to walk along the river and do a little shopping. Our first discovery was an old fisherman asking Y2 for a photo with him cormorants. The girls loved the idea and hoped off the wall onto the river bank quicker than you can say, “cormorant!”  Of course, when Da jumped down to pay the man, he was promptly handed the bamboo holding the birds too, and so we paid Y10 instead of Y8. ;o)

The rest of our time was spent wandering along the shore where they locals have set up stepping stones so that your feet stay dry and taking random photos of fishermen and children playing. It was a very peaceful way to spend a morning…i.e. no vendors!

On our way back to town I spotted a vendor who had a KFC umbrella. *snort* No, that isn’t stolen! I included a couple more funny sign photos that we saw along the way in my gallery below, including the very common, “this is an example spot” sign that you see quiet often here in China. Of course the “example spot” was under construction and had nothing incredibly amazing anywhere near! We often wonder what it is they are trying to tell us!

On our way home we found a little shop that sells Miao Jewelry. This isn’t the only shop in town, but the prices here were incredibly low! We have planned as part of this trip to buy some minority costumes for Star (Xuxu has her Norwegian dress) and ended up with some beautiful things from this shop. I was super pleased to find a gorgeous hand embroidered jacket and some Miao jewelry that can be sewn into place and/or removed easily!  We also purchased a necklace that will go with the costume, but I didn’t photograph it because it is in need of some good silver polish!  I have not decided if these pieces will be show pieces only and end up on our wall, or if I will actually let Star wear them a couple of times.

We also came across a little shop that dries, spins and weaves its own silk.  I included a photo of the silk drying and of a rug that was in the process of being created.  The clothing in this store had a very different color than the “fake” silk (polyester) items.  It wasn’t as bright and vibrant, but it was beautiful!

(Click on photos to see a larger version!)

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  1. Tana says:

    Amazing! I think I *may* have mentioned it a few times, but I am SO jealous! ;o)