From The Back of A Moped

This morning we got up early to meet our guide Kevin at McDonalds.  We had just enough time to stop and get Pie’s hair cut.  We had decided earlier in the trip that her hair would be a lot easier to manage if it were short.  She tends to get food in it and then it is a mess to comb out.   Everyone agrees that the “bob” fits her personality and she loves it, so I can’t complain!

After a quick breakfast (we love McD’s because they have real orange juice!) we met Kevin and found our mopeds.  We had originally intended to go on bikes, but decided at the last minute that mopeds would be better for my problem hip.  The modpeds actually worked out perfectly because Xuxu could take photos as we went and because it made the trip a 1/2 day trip rather than a full day!

I’m going to let the great photos tell the rest of the story!

P.S.  Please tell me how the new image browser is working for you!  (Piclens is the best option.  It gives you the ability to watch in a slide show, change the speed or click on each photo and move along at your own pace.)

This old woman charged us money for allowing Meg to pee on her property.  She brought a shovel, presumably because she thought Meg had done something else too!  We paid her happily and went on our way laughing and laughing about the experience!

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  1. Trudy Dunaway says:

    I am vicariously enjoying your China adventure and check the website often. What a wonderful experience for everyone!

    Love … Trudy