Elephant Trunk Hill

Last night we took the girls to see a show here in Guilin called Dreamlike LiJiang.  I am continually amazed by the changes since I visited in 1983 and this show was no exception.  The use of lasers and music is astounding, nothing like the simple instruments that were used when I saw my first acrobat show!  I tend to prefer the original, but last nights show was fun to be sure!  The interesting thing about going to a show in China is that the audience never stops talking!  The talk and laugh all throughout the performance.  I don’t think we’ll ever get used to that!  I was unable to take my camera, and so I have no photos.   (Visit the link above if your interested!)

Today we slept in and then spent the morning packing.  After lunch we headed out to see Elephant Trunk Hill.  We could not leave Guilin without seeing the spot made famous to all American children via Big Bird!  ;o)  My children recognized the area immediately!  After photos of the hill, we stopped and played on the baby elephants.  They are normally in water, but there is a drought here in Southern China and so you can walk around them.  (Apparently we continue our trend of bringing the “good” weather with us…sunshine to Portland for our friends, clear skies in Xi’an and now  two days of rain to drought stricken Guilin to name a few!)

In a couple of  hours we are headed to the airport to catch a flight to Chengdu.  See you then!  (Reminder, either click on the photo and then you will see >> or << to scroll through the photos.  You can also click on PicLens and see them in a slide show.)

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Here are some random photos from Xuxu’s camera from the past week.  Some of the photos are really hilarious and you need to read the captions.

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