Dresses and Cakes

Today made a short trip out to the fabric market to have some dresses ordered for the girls! I found the tailor that I had heard about and let the girls choose their materials and patterns.  Star chose a simple traditional qipao in black with red flowers.  Xuxu chose a more modern take on a qipao with a long pleat down the front and an a line skirt in a very intricate pattern on blue with green highlights.  I love both and can not wait to see the finished products.  The dresses were Y300 each or $45.  Not bad for custom made!  We will be back in 10 days to pick up the dresses, and then decide if we want to have the same tailor make dresses for the little girls, a jacket for myself and performance dresses for Suzuki.   I didn’t take photos of the material or the measuring that went on because I was too involved, but I will next time around because we know the ropes.

On our way out of the market we stumbled upon a bakery that had the most interesting cakes.  The girls really want to buy one when Da arrives, but I think I’ll pass!

The taxi ride home was interesting.  We got our second female driver in the same number of days and today I was grateful for it!  This was the first taxi ride that I had taken that the driver actually seemed interested in us, and I was amazed at how much we could communicate.  She asked me if the girls were Chinese, how old they were, if they spoke Chinese, where they were from and if I had adopted them from Amanda.   That last question surprised me as it is the first time I had heard it.  I asked how she knew of Amanda and she said that she had seen her on TV.  At that point my Chinese language ability ended the conversation and so the girls started to sing.  (If you know my girls, you won’t be surprised by that at all.)  Anyway, they sang a few Chinese songs and the driver even joined in on Jasmine Flower.  The driver was laughing and really enjoying the girls the entire way, and it was fun!  About a mile before we got home I heard Pie announce that she had to go to the bathroom NOW.  As soon as I told the taxi driver, she pulled over on the side of the street and Pie got to practice her squat in the gutter.  She was relieved, but the other girls were laughing hysterically!  Really, in China it is pretty common to see children peeing on the street and you’ll even see adult men peeing on the trees and in the gutters.  (Xuxu and Star got an anatomy lesson just today and we had to talk about circumcision! Yay!)  It gives you a whole new reason to tell your children not to splash in the puddles!

After our excursion, I came home and passed out on my bed.  I woke up with a fever and so spent the rest of the day taking it easy.  Xuxu practiced her violin for 2 hours (which tells me she is starting to feel much better) and Star wrote in her journal and worked on her current writing project.  (That girl loves to write!)  Pie came and joined me in bed for a few hours, so I think she is also coming down with this cold and Mouse played quietly with her cars (yes, I said cars) and watched Wall*E.

Tomorrow we have crib sheets on the docket. (Starfish is adding another apartment and we are assisting in some of the preparations.)    We have material to make at least 20 more and I’d like to have them cut and corners sewn before the elastic arrives with Da.   Xuxu wants to do it all herself for her Personal Progress, so I’ll have to judge how quickly she is whipping them out before I jump in and help.

(The lighting on the cakes is very poor, but they are worth clicking on and checking out the details!)

8 Responses

  1. Janelle says:

    I can’t wait to see the dresses!

  2. Ke, Hai Lian says:

    They always look better than they taste. I never understood why. they just use butter/fat and sugar but to make a great tasting cake you have to add the vanilla and salt to bring out the flavor.. they are too pretty to eat for sure. I like the ones loaded with fruit though.. they are works of art.
    I am excited to see the dressess as ewll.
    yeah I am laughing about potty training protocal in China.. my best? experince was in a Hutong in Beijing, there were no stalls at all.. glad I was wearing a skirt.. tried to stay in my own bubble and was astonished by people grettign me as they came and went.. ok so awkward moment for sure!

  3. Ginger says:

    So are they or aren’t they? Looking forward to seeing the dresses. I think the cakes would taste good but would also knock me to the floor with sugar.

    • ?? says:

      They are not. My girls have changed diapers on boys in the states and so were a bit confused by the difference. ;o)

  4. Jeannetta says:

    Oo I can’t wait to see the dresses. I’m so sorry you’re getting sick now, try to take it easy 🙂

  5. Angela says:

    How fun to have dresses made- I love the custom cakes as well…

  6. Amy says:

    So glad to be following your journey. You and I “met” via email just as you were leaving for the airport! I have three biological children and two beautiful girls adopted from China. My husband and I went alone the first time in 2004, but took the entire family when we went back in 2007! Your journey is bringing back all the sounds, smells and tastes!! It is quite an experience to take your kids to China! My kids all want to go back! My two oldest are in Belgium right now visiting my mother and sister-in-law! A global family is a wonderful experience! And homeschooling gives us the opportunity to do such great trips like that!

    Hope to keep in touch with you via email! Continue to have a wonderful time!!

  7. sandi in fl says:

    Some of the cakes are beautiful, others are funny! What’s with the pigs at the trough?!??!!! :-O Now that you are home, can’t wait to see the girl’s dresses! (maybe they are in a post I haven’t gotten to yet!)