Shu Yuan Men

Unfortunately I did not take my camera today, but no worries,  we will be doing this again!

Today we visited Shu Yuan Men or Art Street.  I had high hopes that this place would be a haven for true artists and that we’d skip the tourist garbage.  It was about half and half,  and a little disappointing.  We did find several calligraphy shops and lots of water colors, but very few oils.  If you want shadow puppets or chops, this is definitely the place!   Next time I go I am taking the photo of the painting my friend found to see if we can locate it.  We purchased  calligraphy brushes and special calligraphy paper for the girls and after getting some sugar cane cotton candy we headed home.

At home we found a package for Mouse that contained her new glasses (promised but not delivered before we left) and a bouquet of roses from Da!  Ah, we missed Valentines day (and it is HUGE at our house) and so he sent the flowers!  Who knew you could get roses delivered in China?  They are brightening our kitchen table as I type and I hope they last a long long time!

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