Picture Day and More Shopping

This morning Amanda asked me to take the Chinese New Year photos of the babies!  After about 5 hours of shooting, we finished 23 of 53 babies.  I have a whole new appreciation for people who photograph children for a living!  I will share some of  the photos after Amanda publishes her New Year’s Blog.  Some of them turned out really cute!

After we cleaned up “the studio” the girls and I decided that we needed to head out for more food.  Because we are walking (about 1/2 a mile) to the grocery store, all we can bring home each day is what we can fit into a backpack.  Luckily for us, today was beautiful!  There was still snow on the ground from last nights storm, but the sun was out and the wind had died down.

On the way I took photos of the girls walking through out apartment complex and also of some locals putting up New Year’s decorations.  We also had the opportunity to chat with a couple that was walking the same direction we were.  The woman spoke enough English to get along and they had a ton of questions for us.  In the end, we asked them how to say “Happy New Year” and they taught us “Xin Nian Kuai Le?” ????!  We used it several times the rest of the day, and it was big hit with the locals!  (As  I type, I can hear fireworks going off.  We heard our first fireworks as we arrived, they were going off just as we climbed out of the taxi and we have heard them a couple of time since.  I have been told that over the weekend we will hear them almost constantly!)

Today we found noodles, peanut butter, a small jar of olive oil and a small round of cheese (verdict still out on that one!)  We also purchased some butter, green beans and broccoli.  We are planning on whipping up some broccoli noodles tonight.    On our next trip well have to remember to buy powdered milk so that Tianshi can whip up some of her famous white bread!    By the time we finished our shopping it was getting dark and we were sore from an entire day standing.   As we walked out of the parking lot, I noticed a motor scooter with a taxi type seating in the back.  I immediately made the decision that it was our mode of transportation to get home!  I wondered about my decision as he cut across traffic and drove down the wrong side of the road to get around the block.  The girls enjoyed it anyway and we laughed about another “in China” moment.  It cost us all of Y5 to get the 1/2 mile home and I tried to tip the guy but he wouldn’t let me!  I wish I had asked him to pose for a photo with the girls, but I’m still not in the “get a photo of everything” mode.  I’ll get there, I’m sure!

So, here are a few photos from today.