Our Day

First off, we attended church via Skype. That was interesting, but I liked it! ;o)

While we listened to talks about forgiveness, the girls did cross stitch.

Then we headed out the front door for a walk.

As we exited the building we found the remnants from last nights festivities.

A view of our apartment building looking up!

China has exercise equipment at all the parks.  We have seen people using it in Guangzhou, but no where else.  Today was no exception…unless you count my girls!

This is what they did with the lanterns we photographed the other night.  They were laying on the ground then, and here the are, all hung up on circular poles.  They have electrical wiring, so I’m assuming they are lit at night, but I’m not venturing out to get a photo.

These are the decorative walls that are at the park near to the apartment.  They really are beautiful!

They plant decorative cabbage in the winter.   It is wilted, but it looks better than bare earth.

This is a view of the park from one end.   We walked past the park and then when we came back again there were several families with small children carrying balloons and new toys.  All of them were dressed in new clothing with the tags still on.  I think the purpose was to show that it was new.   (New clothing is part of the Chinese New Year tradition.)

Here are the littles with their New Year’s balloons.  Both girls chose horses, even though it was the year of the Tiger.

We were surprised to find the shopping mall open on New Years Day, but spent some time browsing, esp. in the book store.  We’ll come back on a weekday and buy a couple of the children’s books we discovered, but I wanted to post a photo of one of the books I found.  ;o)

How about some fake nails for your dog?

The girls discovered these characters on the way home.  There were taking turns jumping on each part of the character in the order you would write them, and they were being closely watched by a group of older people.

And finally, on the way home, we saw this sign.  I wanted to make sure I got photos of all the odd signs this trip, and so this is a start.  I have no idea what this sign means.  It is on the side of our building and just under a decorative ledge.  Maybe they don’t want things thrown on the ledge?

2 Responses

  1. Jeannetta says:

    Cool! Could the sign mean not to throw things off of a high ledge? Balcony? Weird 🙂 Any idea why the girls were being watched so closely by the people as they walked on the characters?

    • ?? says:

      The ledge is decorative and can not be walked on, thus my confusion. Oh well! Some of the signs are never to be interpreted! And trust me, my girls get watched closely everywhere we go in China. #1. There are so many of them and #2. They are Americanized so they look and act differently than a Chinese person. There is also a lot of fascination with Xuxu. She is tall and blond. We have yet to have her photo taken on this trip, but in 2006 she could have made a killing if she’d charged!