Little Brag…

My oldest daughter was promised a “mission trip” for her 12th birthday.  This is something that we have on our list for the kids as they grow; mission trips with Da at 12, dance lessons at 16, etc.    Xuxu’s trip came at a time when our family was working mightily to become 100% debt free, and so with her agreement, we postponed the trip.

When the following spring rolled around we made reservations for her and her father to go to China to work here in the Starfish Foster Home.  Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before the trip, our entire family contracted the flu.  Because we were so severely sick, she and Da were still coughing and had running noses just days before they were to leave.  This was at the time that visitors to China were being detained for s*wine f*lu and we didn’t dare risk that Da and Xuxu would be separated in quarantine.

We rescheduled in the fall, and again the s*wine f*lu craze was high.   Once again, we felt that it was not a good time to go and canceled the flights.

So, now, here we are in China at the Starfish Foster Home on our language trip, and even though Da is not here, my daughter is working as if this is her mission trip!  I am loving seeing her jump right into the work.  In addition to doing the fun work of playing with babies, she has tackled a “to do” list for the volunteer apartment and has started voluntarily doing her chores from home.  Also, the dirt piles up quicker here, and so she has swept the apartment 5 or 6 times every day that we’ve been here.

One other thing impressed me!  Until today we have been without hot water and have been taking showers in the other apartments.  Yesterday Xuxu decided that she didn’t want to go upstairs to bother the nannies and so she showered here, in freezing cold water!  This girl is definitely ready to serve a mission!  She is willing to deal with less than adequate conditions and to throw herself into the work!

I am so please to see the type of woman she is turning into!

3 Responses

  1. Jeannetta says:

    Way to go Xuxu 🙂

  2. Janelle says:

    So wonnderful to hear…yeah for Xuxu! She is wonderful AND remarkable!

  3. Ai Sen says:

    I’m so proud of our TianShi!