First Post From China

  • No photos for a while, it seems that my camera cord is sitting on my computer desk in Utah!  If I can’t find one to buy, I will have Ai Sen send it to me!
  • It also seems that I can get through to the blog easily, we will have to hope that does not change when I get to Xi’an.
  • I feel so peaceful!  I was a little apprehensive about this adventure the day before we left, but now that we are here I have an incredible sense of peace and contentment!  China feels like a second home and I feel like we came home!  We are supposed to be here and we are supposed to be doing this, and that is such a wonderful feeling!!

Last night we crashed for free (thanks to points from our trip to San Fran) at the Marriott Courtyard. It is much nicer than ANYTHING I have ever stayed in when in China. Probably a little too “high brow” for me.  We will definitely be moving down a notch today!

Our trip here was just as I expected it to be.  Everyone was WAY over tired!  We left Las Vegas at 12:35 a.m. and did not sleep much on the two hour flight to Dallas.  We managed to find couches in the lounge and laid down and slept on and off for 4 hours.  The flight to Japan was tedious to say the least, and Le Wen was difficult to entertain.  She is just at the age where she does not sleep long, is not entertained by any one toy for long, and will not sit through an entire movie.  (We didn’t bring our DVD player, but the airline had Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Where the Wild Things Are.  We did not like either one! ;o(   Things got even worse when we hit Japan and Le Wen found a bunch of Chinese people she could impress by being disobedient.  I pulled some old tricks out of the bag (strong sitting) and had her straightened out within an hour, and I am grateful that she has figured out that it won’t fly this early in the trip!  (In fact this morning she has been super sweet, asking on the way out the door, “When are we going to China?”  She has held my hand, stayed close and has been quiet all morning.  This tells me that she has stopped pushing the limits, which is super this early in the trip!)

We are now well rested, showered and packed for the trip to Xi’an.  We went out on foot this morning and found an outdoor market for breakfast.  We purchased eggs cooked on a round hotplate and then put on a steamed bun for Y6 and two boxes of Nestle milk Y4.  The milk was inside a cooler, but we were surprised to find the cooler to be hot!  ;o)  The milk as in the boxes that don’t need refrigeration, so we were okay!  The littles didn’t seem to mind the warm milk!  We then found 6 apple bananas Y5 and 6 Fuji apples Y10 at the out door market.  We also found two suckers for the littles for 1Y.  Our next stop was a little grocery store where we purchased 4 bottles of water, a “Coke light” (which is going to make going off coke SUPER easy because it is nasty!), 7 of our favorite little Chinese yogurts and a sleeve of the chocolate stuffed Oreos that you can’t get in the States.  All that cost Y30.  Basically, if you’re not adding, that means that I purchased our breakfast for under Y60 or  $8.80!

Everywhere we went we could hear people talking about us.  We usually pick up on it about the time you start hearing them tell their neighbors, “su ge hai zu!”  (four children!)  I have taken the opportunity to tell them “Wo you leo ge hai zu!” a couple of times, and their gaws drop to the floor and then the gossip really begins!  Tee Hee!!  The girls used their Chinese in the stores we shopped at (asking for bananas, apples, how much etc.) and people had all sorts of questions for them.  Once they get beyond the “are you American”, “how old are you”, “what city are you from in China” and “what is your name” the girls get lost.  They’ll catch up quick, I’m sure!

Our driver Fu Xiansheng (Xiansheng is Mr.) is picking us up at 11:00 to take us to the post office, then we will find some lunch and head to the airport.   We are hoping to make a trip to Walmart today and stock up on necessities.   Until then, Ziajian!

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  1. Teresa says:

    Hello Anne! I’m glad to se you arrived in Beijing. It’s about 10:15AM on Tuesday, Feb. 9th where you are, so you’re probably getting ready to head tot he airport for Xian. Have a safe and easy flight. I look forward to updates on your wonderful journey!
    Zai jian!


  2. Jeannetta says:

    Oh I love this!! I’m anxiously awaiting your next post <3