Chinese New Years Eve Sickies

Well, we haven’t done much in the way of celebrating.  Star is now feeling much better,though not 100% and I have three more down with fevers, etc.  Xuxu is the worst, with the highest fever and throwing up.  I am the one affected the least with only chills and dizziness.  I am apparently pretty tired too, as I laid down to cuddle Pie for a moment and I fell asleep for two hours!

This morning I made banana bread and that was a huge hit.  I think it will become one of our stables.  Bananas are easy to find and so we have been eating a lot of them.

Earlier in the day I heard that Jay and Mickey were taking a trip to Metro, the Chinese version of Costco.  I needed a few things to feel more at home and so I quickly invited myself to go along.  I found some pretty amazing items, including pancake syrup and Tim Tams.  (I have discussed Tim Tams before, but for those of you who don’t know, they are Australian cookies that we love!)  I also found canned beans, canola oil, mozzarella cheese and whipping cream.  I plan on making sour cream with the whipping cream and then making my yummy chicken enchiladas.  Chicken tastes different here, but not bad.

Right now the fireworks are just beginning to go off.  They are incredibly loud, unlike anything that I have heard in the US and I expect that they will get louder and more frequent as the night progresses.  I will try and record some of it and put a video here.

So now, I’m off to attempt pancakes for the girls.  They are hungry and want something warm and yummy.

2 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    You are an amazing Mommy!

  2. Jeannetta says:

    I am so impressed; I really am green with envy 🙂 The chicken probably tastes different because there are no antibiotics and hormones in it.
    I’m so sorry everyone is sick; the most amazing trip and you’re all sick. That really stinks. <3