Babies Everywhere!

Today I am finally getting a “baby” post up!  It is the one request I have received most often over the past 2 weeks!  Even though we spend about 2 hours a day with the babies (usually at bed time) I do not always take my camera.  This time I did and got some great photos.  I even captured Xuxu practicing her new found “physical therapy” skills on Megan.  She has talked for a year about a music major, but now she is talking about physical therapy!  Funny how that works!  (And, to who ever it was that told me to hand over the camera to the girls…your wish came true because I had to get me some Megan lovin’!)

Star with Justin!  He is so sweet, loves to give hugs and gets upset if you pay attention to anyone else while you are holding him.

This is Xuxu with Joseph!  This little man lights up with a contagious smile when ever Xuxu or I walk in the room.  He loves to be held and played with and will not let you get in and out without picking him up at least once.  These photos are of the “chest pounding game” that he and Xuxu were playing.

Look at the light in his eyes!!

Mouse playing with Joseph and Josie.

Xuxu making Megan smile.  Megan has an undiagnosed condition, but her muscles tighten up as if she has cerebral palsey.

Joseph again, he is so cute, we can’t resist him!

The Aiyi’s have taught Xuxu how to do Megan’s stretches.

A sleeping Anthony!

Star with Megan…again.

Star with Matthew.

Xuxu with Anthony and Caroline.

7 Responses

  1. Jeannetta says:

    Awesome! Those babies are just so darling, I wish I was there with you 🙂

  2. Da says:

    It’s great to see all the photos with the babies! I can’t wait to join you in a week!

  3. Ke, Hai Lian says:

    Thanks for the treat! Wish I was there too. Wonder how my boys will like hanging out with the babies?
    When do you guys come back or leave Amanda’s?
    Ok where is the cleft house? Where is my boy Karl?
    what is the story about your comment with MSG?

  4. Montserrat says:

    Oh they are all so precious! How very fortunate to be able to have these experiences with your girls.

  5. Ginger says:

    I was all set for the one I told you to smuggle home for me, but now I’m undecided. Just pick the one that is easiest to carry, and I’ll be happy.

  6. Paula says:

    I’ll take three or four of them!

    What an amazing experience for your family.