The Bells

Tonight my daughter was practicing a piece for the piano called Cathedral Bells.  She just wasn’t getting it and so I pulled up youtube!

Youtube is truly one of my favorite teaching tools!  Tonight I was able to let Xuxu hear the bells from several cathedrals and now the piece she is playing sounds like it should!

By the way, I love bells, bell towers, everything that has to do with bells! Oh how my heart longs to live in a city where the bells toll each hour! (This is the reason there are three video clips…I could have posted so many more!)

5 Responses

  1. Jeannetta says:

    Good thinking mom! I love youtube for that reason as well.

  2. Montserrat says:

    We enjoy using youtube for instructional purposes too!

    Your blog only shows up once in my google reader. 🙂

  3. Angela says:

    I used to love living in heritage halls at BYU everyday at noon the bells would play! At the time it was as close to europe as I could get

  4. Marmee says:

    I also lived in Heritage Halls and loved those bells. I think the last time we were able to hear them, Xuxu was about 5 or 6. ;o(

  5. Jenny Snyder says:

    Every night at 6:00 I pick my daughter up from work and the bells of the Polish church are playing. Just beautiful. Thank you for the reminder!