I apologize for such short posts!  By the time we arrive back at the hotel each night, we are completely wiped out!  Tonight Xuxu had enough energy to practice her violin, but everyone else was ready to go to bed right after dinner!

Today we decided to visit to de Young Museum to see the Tutankhamun exhibit!  The pieces that they had were incredibly beautiful and amazingly well preserved.  Along with the exhibit they displayed photos of the dig and quotes from  the archeaologist  (Carter) who discovered the tomb.

Pie had a difficult time because the exhibit was dark and crowded.  On top of that, Mom can not carry her around like Da can, and so she had a difficult time seeing many of the items.  At one point I put her on my shoulders, but I was informed by the staff that it was against the rules.  (No strollers allowed either!)  Hopefully, someday,  she will learn to love museums, despite the difficulties we are currently having!

The Discovery of King Tut

King Tut’s Treasures

Tut Technology

Hint:  When you visit a museum exhibit of this calibre, always buy the accompanying book.  (Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs: Official Companion Book to the Exhibition sponsored by National Geographic)  We did this on this visit and the girls have spent the last hour pouring over it, telling their Da what they saw and everything they remembered.   I believe that this helps cement the memory of the visit and gives them additional reading material that provides a deeper understanding of what they saw and experienced.   If you have already spent $100 on the tickets, the extra $ for the book will be a great investment!

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  1. Angela says:

    We saw this in Philly – loved it!